10 Great Things To See And Do In Dallas, Texas


Texas is a popular destination for vacationers each and every year. It really doesn’t matter which area of the state is being traveled to, there is a whole lot to do wherever a vacationer goes. The inland areas are interesting both for the natural scenery found there, as well as for the old west aura that still exists. The coastal areas are gorgeous with their long sandy beaches and great access to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Things To See In Dallas

The Dallas World Aquarium

Many travelers are surprised to find out that one of the nation’s best aquariums is not located along the coast, but is found in the city of Dallas. The Dallas World Aquarium is a very impressive facility that has gained respect not just from visitors to the aquarium, but also from those in the industry. The aquarium features tank after tank of both rare and common marine creatures. There are both fish and mammals represented in the aquarium and a great deal of fun can be had by the whole family viewing all of the residents there. The biggest attraction in the aquarium though is a 22,000 gallon tunnel which once entered provides a panoramic view of life underwater in a reef situation. Walking through this tunnel leaves the visitor surrounded by water and marine life above, below and on both sides. It truly is an amazing experience for anyone lucky enough to go there.

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park

For travelers coming to the Dallas area with kids, the most popular stop on the entire vacation just may be the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park. This somewhat small attraction is huge in terms of the kinds of thrilling rides that are available there. There are a wide variety of thrilling rides that all launch, carry, or drop the rider into a zero gravity situation. The rides are open year round and are popular with kids from the local area too. For those with kids who like to try some of the more extreme things in life, this is the perfect vacation attraction.

Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District And The Sixth Floor Museum

One of the most famous events that ever happened in the city of Dallas was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This famous shooting occurred in Dealey Plaza and today the historic landmark that has been set aside includes the roadway, surrounding land, and the controversial grassy knoll. Walking through the area where this famous event took place gives the traveler a feeling like they never expected. Seeing it in person also brings it home in a whole new way. The Sixth Floor Museum is located up above on the sixth floor of what was the Texas School Book Depository. This is the exact location where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots that killed President John F. Kennedy. There is a wonderful historic exhibit there that tells the story, not just of the assassination, but also of the life and legacy of President Kennedy.

Dallas Holocaust Museum

The city of Dallas has a number of worthwhile museums, each bringing with it a different story and perspective. One of the more moving and interesting museums in the city is the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Walking through this museum, examining the exhibits that are there, and watching the films can be a very moving experience for some people. Even though the Holocaust happened during the 1940’s, it is still incredibly relevant to learn about today. The museum also features a number of artifacts from the time that are fascinating to see. This really is an important museum and a very worthwhile stop.

The Museum Of The American Railroad

Another of the many Dallas attractions that are popular with both adults and children is the Museum of the American Railroad. There are a great many exhibits detailing the long journey the railroad industry has taken since the early days until now. There are also fabulous artifacts from the early days including things like tools, uniforms, safety gear, and literature. The best part of the museum though is the great selection of actual steam engines and other railroad cars that visitors can climb up on and into. The experience of sitting in an actual Pullman sleeping car as it sits in what is the city of Dallas’ oldest railroad depot is not something that will be forgotten anytime soon. The Museum of the American Railroad is an exceptional place to take the whole family.

The Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is a great stop for travelers with children. The zoo is well kept, has exhibits that are well laid out and enjoyable to look at, and not only features animals on display but has wide open areas where kids can play and run around too. The zoo was founded way back in 1888 and has been one of the key zoos in the American Southwest ever since. There is a tremendous variety of animals to look at and it is very interesting to see them in exhibits that mirror what their natural habitats would look like. The zoo has recently been refurbished too so there are many up to date features and new attractions that will satisfy and interest even those who have been there before. A visit to the Dallas Zoo is one of the real treats available for kids coming to the city as part of their family vacation.

Top Things To Do In Dallas

Take A Tour Of The City

Touring the city of Dallas is a great idea for the first time visitor to this beautiful city. A well operated tour will show visitors the must see attractions, the hidden gems, and will also give some great historical and background information about the city. There are a number of ways to tour Dallas including everything from aboard a tour bus to on a Segway. Some of the other popular tour methods available include by car and walking tours. Self guided tours are available through the use of a guidebook or an MP3 recording or CD. A nice side benefit that a visitor receives when taking a tour of Dallas is getting the chance to get a good feel for the layout of the city. Taking a tour of Dallas is easy, fun, and very rewarding.

Ride On A Historic Trolley

Going to museums and reading books is one way to learn about history, but there is no substitute for being able to get out and see or touch something historical firsthand. There was a time when one of the main forms of public transportation in larger cities was by trolley. In Dallas, the McKinney Avenue Trolley is still operating much as it did back in its glory days. It is not only a viable transportation method that is still used by residents of the city, but it is a great historical experience too. Catching the trolley and sitting back and enjoying the ride can give both kids and adults a feeling for what travel was like long ago. The McKinney Avenue Trolley can be ridden as a way to get from one area of the city to another, but it can also just be ridden for fun and the experience of it all.

Take In A Live Performance

The city of Dallas has a very vibrant live entertainment community. Whether a vacationer comes to the city looking for a play, concert, book reading, comedy show, or any other kind of stage performance, odds are it can be found in Dallas. Some of the more popular places to go to see live performances in Dallas include the Magnolia Theater, Dallas Theater Center, Pocket Sandwich Theater, Ad Libs Improv Comedy Club, Majestic Theater, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, American Airlines Center, the House of Blues, Symphony Hall, and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Visitors coming to Dallas can go out and have the time of their lives at almost any kind of live performance there is. This really is one of the city’s most underrated forms of entertainment.

Go To A Professional Sporting Event

Sports fans coming to the Dallas area will have no problem finding the entertainment that they are wanting. The Dallas area has been a major force in professional sports for fifty years. The oldest professional sports franchise in Dallas is also the most popular; the Dallas Cowboys came to the city in 1960 and have become a National Football League favorite since then. The Dallas Mavericks play in the National Basketball Association and the team has been quite successful in recent years. The Dallas Stars are the National Hockey League’s representative team in the city and their games are always wild and rowdy. Major League Baseball has an area presence too as the Texas Rangers play right next door in the city of Arlington. It doesn’t matter if a vacationer comes to Dallas and is interested in baseball, basketball, football, or hockey, the city has something to offer just for them. Being a sports fan is one of the best reasons a traveler could have for visiting Dallas.

Texas is a wonderful place to vacation to and when doing so, one of the best places to visit is the city of Dallas. This is true as a full vacation destination or just as a stopover during a larger vacation of the entire state of Texas or the Southwest. Dallas offers great historical attractions, fun things to do, a ton of entertainment options, and much more. Because Dallas has evolved into a true international city, it also has a wealth of great restaurants and high quality shopping venues. Dallas really does have something for nearly everyone looking for a vacation destination in America’s South.

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