Top Things to do in Czech Republic


Nestled between Roman architectural structures and museums which are marvellous, Czech Republic is a place worth visiting in the world. With its lush greenery and serene environment, Prague has captured the attention of tourists from times immemorial.

Czech Republic weather is something to talk about. It is surreal and mild and people find it a great vacation spot from the hustle and bustle of city and work life. A trip to Czech Republic is a must at least once in a lifetime as Prague has too much to offer to its visitors.

What to see in Czech Republic is a question that pops up in the minds of people when they plan a vacation to Prague.  Roll up your sleeves as we are going to discuss about some of the fun things that Prague has in hold for you:

Exploring Old Town Square:

Right from the 10th Century, the Old Town square is preserved in its pristine form which brings to its visitors the amazement of roaming through historical streets. This Town is best known for all the amazing architecture of Prague and it is a must visit in a Czech Republic Vacation.

Musicians and performers can be seen in this place bringing out the best of performance that they have to offer to their audience. The streets of Old Town Square are loaded with numerous restaurants and cafes and people get thrilled by the historical monuments. Merchants are seen selling world class souvenirs in this Town Square of Czech Republic.

Knowing about the Astronomical Clock

Czech Republic Destinations list has the Astronomical Clock in the very first place. The best thing about the clock is the striking of the clock in each hour. The people of Prague consider the astronomical clock as the honour of the city and it is placed facing the south of the Town Hall. 15th Century Prague saw the Astronomical Clock being made and since then, the clock was damaged to some extent because of the misfits between different cities but, the pride of the clock cannot be taken away. It is still considered as one of the major attractions of Prague and people come all the way to Prague to get a glimpse of this explicit beauty.

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Strolling in Charles Bridge

Come to Prague and experience the Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is one of the ultimate Prague Attractions and the scenery around the Bridge is sublime and breath taking. The Charles Bridge is filled with photographers and nature lovers every day and they admire the grandeur of the Bridge with all their hearts. The best time to visit the Bridge is most at twilight as the setting sun makes the place even more beautiful.

The Famous Prague Castle

The Prague Castle makes it to the list of places to visit in Prague. The castle is huge and it is indeed mind blowing both inside out. The architecture and interiors of the Castle depicts the Golden Era period. Because of the hugeness of the castle, it takes nearly 2.5 Hours to take a tour of the entire Castle. The area is kept neat and tidy at all times and people take the interest in knowing about the various rulers of Czech Republic from the time this country got its freedom. Presently, The Castle is the home to the President of the country.

Delve into the Dripstone Wall

The Dripstone Wall came into existence some 500 years back but the passageways that were made centuries back can still be seen even today. The interiors of the Wall are designed in a manner which leaves visitors spellbound and they are seen trying to solve the mysteries of the Wall. People may sometimes not get a solution as to What to Do in Prague. They can visit Dripstone Wall and learn about the Wallenstein Palace for whose protection the Dripstone Wall was constructed. 

Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery is the Oldest cemetery of the Jewish Community which was built in the year of 1400s. The burial was restructured in the later years for maintaining the hygienic surrounding of the nearby areas. There are 12,000 headstones in the Cemetery and about 10,000 individuals have been buried in the graveyard till date. Some of the graves have been dug up to 12 feet deep. The cemetery was destroyed during the Nazi Era and people come to this place to pay homage to all the people who lost their lives. Prayers and good wishes are written on papers and pebbles in the graveyard.

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Infant Jesus of Prague

If you are a religious person, then you cannot afford to miss on the statue of Infant of Jesus located in Mala Strana. The statue is the childhood of Jesus and people are seen coming to this famous place to worship and make wishes. People have a belief that their wishes will be answered by Lord Jesus. The statue is encased in a shrine and the origin of the statue is not known. Infant Jesus is situated in the middle of the Town so that the Town get good vibes out and eliminate negative energies.

Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is located within the premises of the Prague Castle and is considered as the street of Alchemist. The streets are narrow and looks like a picture and Alchemist had a quest to turn things which are ordinary into gold. No one ones whether Alchemist did ever really live on this street but the serene street reminds everyone of Alchemist. Things to do in Prague are many but you just cannot miss out on this particular street. A writer named Franz Kafka lived on the street and he loved the environment on this street a lot.

Lennon Wall

Beatles saw their birth in the city of Liverpool which is not far from Prague and people cannot forget the awesome music that Beatles provided to the World. There is a wall in Prague which portrays graffiti of The Beatles and famous quotes and images are drawn on the entire wall. The lyrics are scripted on the walls and people from over the world come to see the Lennon Wall and pay respect to the never dying group of Beatles. The Wall was made from the year 1980 and since then many renovations have been made to the Wall.

KGB Museum

This museum Commemorates the Soviet Union and the collector of the museum shows all the spy cameras and the weapons which were kept secret by the police of the Soviet Union. This museum is a go to place for all those travellers who are curious enough to know about the working of the secret police.

Apart from the historical attractions, there are many other unique things Czech Republic Destinations which are of interest to people which are jotted down as under:

Fresh Farmer’s Market

If any Sunday you are interested to take a stroll into Vyeshad Fortress, then Farmer’s Market is the main attraction that you can visit. This market takes its place on every Sunday and filled with region’s fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from that, it offers authentic tastes of Prague which is a delight to have. It is crowded at all times and visitors come here to get the taste of freshly brewed cakes, pastries and other bakery items of Prague. Sit on the riverside and enjoy a tranquil environment with homemade pickles and food.

Puppet Show

People of Prague always had a longing for puppets because of which one can see many puppet shops and shows in Czech Republic. The interesting journey of puppets in Prague dates back to 12th century where puppet shows were held to entertain royals and guests who came to palaces. Puppet shows are colourful and filled with vigour. They showcase wars in the medieval times and people find it interesting to involve in puppet shows. Do not miss one when you are in Prague. One of the best places to see a puppet show is National Marionette Theatre which hosts international performances.

A cruise on Vltava

What can be more fascinating than a refreshing cruise ride on the banks of Vltava? Capital of Czech Republic offers its visitors with a happening lunch or dinner which they can take on the cruise. Blue crystal clear waters on all sides, a cruise ride is just what you would desire if you want to enjoy a rustic scenario. The duration of the cruises is mostly for 2 hours where you can enjoy cuisines and best quality wine while taking a view of the city at its best. Taking a glance of Prague from Vltava can turn out to be unique all total.

Changing of Guard Session

The Prague Castle opens itself to a guards changing session where guards also involve in a flag ceremony. People wait for long hours just to enjoy this moment. The guards of Prague Castle have to stay within certain rules and regulations. They have uniforms in light blue colour during summers and similar in dark blue colour during winters. These guards are trained professionals and know their job precisely.

Climbing of Petrin Hill

 Petrin is the slope of a hill which provides fabulous views to its visitors. Climbing to the top of the hill is the amazing part and there are many benches on the top where people can sit and relax. On the hill top, a replica of the Eifel Tower can be seen which is great to see. There is a railway available just for the visitors to reach the hill top. This hill is located on the banks of Vltava on the left hand side.

Mind Maze

A perfect place for all the enthusiasts out there, the mind maze is a room where teams or a group of two are allowed entry. It is a small locked room in the chambers of the Alchemist. There are puzzles and riddles in the room which you have to solve in 60 minutes in order to reveal the mysteries of the room. The room first seems to old fashioned but once you start your investigation, you will find wonders in the room. This maze is simply superb and brain teaser for people.

Authentic Cuisine of Czech Republic

Czech Republic is also home to variety of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Prague Restaurants provide world class cuisines to its visitors and some of the must taste dishes are mentioned as under:

Pork Knuckle

This dish is popularly known as Koleno which is the knee part of the pork. It is cooked in mild sauces and marinated with beer. Sautéed vegetables and pickles are served along with the dish. Pork knuckle is juicy and tender on the inside. At the same time, it has a crispy skin which makes it worth tasting. This dish is served with bread to savour the flavours.


This is a type of a sandwich which is quite simple to make and finds its way into homes of many. The bread is covered with a whole lot of stuffs like salami, eggs, ham, lettuce. Chlebicky is served mostly during parties and night outs. If you are in a hurry, then this is a quick dish to try.

Grilovane Klobasy

Now, what can be better than grilled meat?? This dish is one such extension of grilled meat. The meat is first grilled and then various sauces are poured to make it yummy. The meat is then made into a roll and this dish finds its way into the list of cuisines of Prague. This dish is sold in Old Town Square and people gather about to get the taste of the meat.


Czech Republic food is also about bakeries and desserts. Pancakes of Prague resemble the crepes but the batter used in the preparation of the pancakes are a bit different. These pancakes are served with jam, fruits, cream or nuts and is a real delicacy. If there are any who is a fan of savoury, then these pancakes can be stuffed with meat, cheese and similar ingredients.

The Night life of Prague

Right from Jazz to pop music, Prague is the place to enjoy night life to its maximum. Prague Nightlife is all about music and dancing the night away. Along the riverside, one can dwell in JazzDock which is a favourite place for Jazz lovers.

Prague has some of the best musicians who are experts in their fields. The Cross Club is another place where one can find a lot of crowd. It is a disco and has intricate interiors depicting shafts and many kinds of gadgets. Youngsters love coming to this place because of the music and food.

World Famous beer

The Czech Republic is known to have the fantastic beer in the world which are handmade and found in bars in Prague. The beer sold here are normally light beers and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. People of Czech love their beer to be chilled and they take longer time to finish it. The Prague beer museum provides every information regarding the preparation of beer and offers a range of 31 beers to its visitors.

Accommodation in Prague

There are best hotels in Prague depending on the budget of the visitors. One can find luxurious hotels or simple cheap hotels with all amenities and facilities equipped in it. Prague has a wide range of hostels and dormitories for its solo travellers or for youngsters. These hostels are designed in a very artistic style which can catch the attention of youth. Where to stay in Prague is not a problem in Prague and hotels are available at every nook and corner of the city.

Prague is a treasure to behold and a place for young and old alike!!!

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